Bead Soup Wrap Bracelet
Bead Soup Wrap Bracelet
Bead Soup Wrap Bracelet
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Bead Soup Wrap Bracelet

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  • 1 handmade wrap bracelet
  • One size fits all but can be adjusted for any size
  • Color(s): Various colors of pink, blue, green, etc.
  • Bead(s): Various glass, gemstones, and clay beads
  • Use the contact form on top of the page for adjustments to the size or to bundle
  • Made for the ones who love cute, random colors

Care Instructions

  1. Please gently roll bracelets over your hands. Do not stretch your bracelet over your hand, it can cause it to break. Just take your time!
  2. You can coat your jewelry with a clear sealant to prevent fading.
  3. Try not to get your jewelry wet or have it soak in water!
  4. Avoid getting lotions, oils, and body butter on your jewelry. This can make your jewelry fade fast.
  5. Remove jewelry before going to sleep.
  6. Store in a jewelry box, a Ziploc bag, or an air-tight container when not using.

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