'Passion Papaya Green Tea' Bracelet

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  • 1 handmade bracelet
  • Fits 7.0" to 7.5" women's wrist, can be adjusted for any size
  • Color(s): greens, browns, and rose gold
  • Bead(s): Agate, hematite, and cubic zirconia metal beads
  • Charm(s)/Focal(s): Round green and black agate focal bead
  • Wearable alone or can be worn with other jewelry
  • Use the contact form on top of the page for adjustments to the size

Care Instructions

  • Please gently roll bracelets over your hands. Do not stretch your bracelet over your hand, it can cause it to break. Just take your time!
  • You can coat your jewelry with a clear sealant to prevent fading.
  • Try not to get your jewelry wet or have it soak in water!
  • Avoid getting lotions, oils, and body butter on your jewelry. This can make your jewelry fade fast.
  • Remove jewelry before going to sleep.
  • Store in a jewelry box, a Ziploc bag, or an air-tight container when not using.

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